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          Every day in the Bronx and in every other borough of the City of New York people go to jail for crimes that they did not commit. There is nothing more horrifying than being handcuffed, man-handled, searched and thrown into a jail cell for absolutely no reason.

          Every day in New York City police stations, courthouses and jails people are let out the back door, their cases DP'd (decline to prosecute) , dismissed, or terminated favorably after a not guilty verdict. The police and others in authority want these folks to simply go away quietly.

         When you are the victim of a false arrest in New York, you do not have to walk away quietly. You have the right to human dignity. You have the right to seek money damages against the City and against the police officers who arrested you. 

       Peter J. Schaffer, a New York City False Arrest Lawyer and criminal defense attorney fights to achieve justice and monetary awards for his clients. Mr. Schaffer is a veteran trial attorney who has battled in the courtroom for the past 30 years. Mr. Schaffer has tried numerous criminal and false arrest cases in State and federal court.
       Mr. Schaffer and attorneys working with him have obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash settlements for victims of false arrest and police brutality over the past few years. If you or someone you care about was arrested, only to have the case dismissed, you have the right to seek justice.

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